The Octopus Lounge

A photo from The Octopus Lounge on Facebook. “The Octopus Lounge” is live blues show that has been created to bring together the blues fanatics in Montreal and beyond. This live show is one of the most enjoyable and unique shows to go to if you love blues music.

With a backdrop of blue night skies, I watched a cool evening begins as “Brian Kirk” came on stage with his guitar and “Derek West” drum kit along with him. I’ll admit, being in the audience I didn’t know what to expect but the band and stage production certainly exceeded my expectations. It’s definitely something unique that you won’t see every day.

As it was Derek West’s turn to play the lead guitar on “Singin Blues”, I knew this was going to be special. And it was, and one of the reasons it was special was because of Derek’s warm and engaging stage presence and his ability to get the crowd into the groove.

Next Derek West played a rocking rendition of “Work On It”, which I think everyone in the crowd enjoyed. This really set the mood for the show to come. The Blues N Blues LOUNGE offered the entire audience a chance to be in the show with Derek West. They were all a part of the show, singing along and dancing, it was a unique show that had everyone on their feet and making a good time.

“Back Door Blues” was another great song, Derek West ended his solo by playing “Forgotten Blues” which goes great with “Back Door Blues”. It’s just a fun show full of songs that everyone loves. Derek West took the stage to close out the show and he sure did his part by closing with a great version of “Wild Thing”Knock On Wood” that was then followed by a great back-up vocal by Derek West. This one really raised the roof!

After the show ended and I returned home, I was thinking about how special it was to go to The Octopus Lounge with Derek West and the amazing band that he is a part of. The gig had the feel of a local jam session with a couple of passionate musicians sitting around and playing. That’s what I think of when I think of a truly great live blues show. Derek West is one great guitar player and I’d sure love to see him play again sometime.

For those who missed the Octopus Lounge show, Derek West has a new solo CD called “Derek West Is Dead” out on Recordhealal Records available now. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I suggest you do so. If you’ve never heard the Blues N Blues LOUNGE before, it’s a must.

In conclusion, The Octopus Lounge was very enjoyable and I would strongly encourage any blues fans to check it out. It’s a great way to enjoy some of your favorite blues hits while sharing in the live performance of these great blues artists. So check it out, and enjoy!